Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More stuff I have given away.....

A while ago I got his cute shark fabric thinking I would make kids aprons out of it so I could sell them. Well I would have been able to except I cut the apron out upside down. And the sharks are all swimming on their backs. Opps!

But I did at least find these mistake aprons a new home. I finished them quick and easy. And sent them to preschool with the Divine Miss M.  They were planning to make pancakes today so it worked out perfect.

M wanted to wear her apron to school so here she is modeling it for you. She also wanted to be able to tell the other kids who could wear the other aprons. I told her they belong to the whole class and she has to share ;) Will be interesting to see how the morning went.

If this were a close-up you would see that I just serged the exposed edges and used a long strip of bias tape to make the neck strap and waist ties.

Oh and yes M did get a haircut. I took her and she told the lady she wanted it short. She is loving it because she normally will not let anyone touch her hair or brush it. And I am loving it because it looks nice with a minimum amount of battling to brush it. 

Here is how it ties in the back. For quick and easy they turned out pretty cute. And I am sure they will get good use out of them.

Hope you are doing well.
Peace Out - C

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