Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reorganizing my sewing room

My sewing office is a mess right now. I decided I need to reorganize. I have fabric in the bathtub, in the closet all over the floor. Yes basically everywhere.

I took almost everything out of the closet, went through it and started putting in back in. How do I have so much stuff?

Part of the problem is when I like a fabric I buy at least 3 yards of it. And I have trouble thinking small. I have tons of scraps that I have no idea what to do with.

I have a few books about scrap project but thinking small is such a struggle for me. So I gave a bunch to my friend Marla who uses them and a bunch to M's school. I also sorted through the scraps and the ones I am keeping are now sorted by size.

In addition to the actual supplies I have a ton of books, magazines, catalogs etc... that I like to keep around for inspiration.

Some of them I love and look through over and over again. Some I have not looked at in a while. But as you can see they are starting to overwhelm me a little. 

In addition to sewing space, some regular desk space would be nice. Hubby keeps asking why all my junk ends up on his desk, and really that is a good question.

Right now my grandmother's sewing machine is not working so I am using the cabinet that it is in as my computer desk. Funny in the picture my computer is not on the desk and is in fact on the floor and I am lying on the floor typing.
I went to Ikea and bought a bookcase (that my sweet hubby did most of the work on putting together). See all those nice magazine holders, they are actually holding all the magazines. And there are a few empty ones so I have room to grow a little.

I also go a new desk chair so that the dining room chairs can go back to the dining room, imagine!

I am hoping to finish the clean out today so that next week I can get a ton of sewing work done! Another goal is to not buy any more fabric for the rest of the year! Any bets on how long that one lasts?

Peace Out - C

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