Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why am I always trying to figure out what I want????

So this weekend I did the FolkFest over at the Atlanta History Center. I thought my little booth was pretty cute! And considering the fact that I did not have to pay a booth fee, I did alright. But I was a wee bit disappointed that I did not sell more items. Well such is life.

Lucky for you that I am working on listing stuff that I did not sell on Etsy. Here is a link to my shop: CLICK HERE. For the next week or so I will have FREE SHIPPING on all items. Even better if you are in the Decatur GA area I will bring it to you.

So what next? Do I want to go full on festival? Do I want to go big or go home? I really have hit the point where I need to decide what it is I want out of this little business. Is it for fun? Is it for profit? I am leaning a little towards the "go home" option. Turning your hobby into a business takes a little of the fun out of the hobby and ads a lot of chores of work to something that I used to be able to just walk away from.

Also I have been taking more custom orders. And I am not sure how I feel about that either. One is for chair covers and another is a skirt. These are both sort of fun challenges and things I would not do on my own. So maybe I go this route? And just do things for people on a job by job basis rather than having "inventory".

Any way... I am still for now working on Halloween and Holiday stuff and will just keep you posted on my life long quest to answer..."what the heck am I doing?"

Peace Out - C

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