Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ok people Halloween is coming. So far The Devine Miss M is going to be a Super Monkey! Eric is contemplating being a vampire and I am considering all things related to the poodle skirt. I know it is a little shocking that we are not planning a group costume. But it is early days and no purchases have been made yet so there is a chance things will improve.

Today I managed to finish 13 (a very Halloweeny number) new Trick-or-Treat bags. Most of them are now over at HomeGrown waiting for you to buy them but I have a few left here at the house.

This is a close up of a new bag design I came up with. There are 4 panels sewn together and some gathering as well as elastic. But I have to say I am really loving this design. It is actually a new take on the plain old tote bag. I may have to actually keep one of these for myself I love them so much.
Something about the green and brown dot and the funky Jack-O-Lanterns is just cool. They are modern and fun without being too cutesy.

Did I mention I LOVE Halloween?

So I am just going to show you pictures of the bags I made because I sort of loved them all.

Here I am trying to take a picture of myself looking cute and casual carrying this awesome bag. I had the camera on the self timer on the ironing board. Given the conditions I think it turned out all right.

 I am calling this one the Hearse Purse! Really tell me you don't love it.....

Some little guys for the little ones. Really these would hold a ton of candy! And that is what Halloween is all about right? The dressing up and oh yeah... the candy.

The Cat is ON the bag. I normally hate cats but I make a Halloween exception. The little bags are $10.00 and the big bags are $15.00. Let me know if you want one and will not have a chance to get over to Home Grown to check them out.

Ok enough with the bags. What are your Halloween plans? So far I am running the Octo-Boo! Festival (10/22) at the kiddo's school, There is the AWESOME Halloween Parade and Ball in Decatur Square (10/30 more below) and then there is the Trick or Treating.  One of the perks of having a kid is getting to go trick or treating again.

I know it is hanging off the page - but I wanted it big enough for you to see! Ok I am sure there will be more posts about Halloween. But I warn you after my favorite holidays passes I may be decidedly less perky as the other holidays please me much less. I will work on not being too big a Grinch this year ;)

Peace Out!

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