Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aprons for Men and Boys... plus festival blahs...

Yesterday I had a booth at a small church festival. It was a TOTAL BUST! We are going to have to call that a donation to the church. Oh well live and learn right. There were just too many fun things going on yesterday for them to be able to draw a crowd. But now I have to decide if and which festivals I am going to do for the rest of the season.

I am committed to doing Art Visions at Paideia School on November 19th.  The upside to this one is that I just drop my stuff off and they sell it. I do not have to be there. So it is sort of nice to not have to give a whole day to it.  But there are several school fairs and all sorts of stuff coming up. I am going to have to sit down and figure it all out.

Another thing to figure out is what products to sell? One thing people ask me about a lot is aprons for boys and men. So I made up a bunch of them in the past few days. And once they are gone they are gone! If you want one let me know.  (On the far right there is a toast apron and there is also a girly pink Christmas apron. Just ignore those, unless you are in the market for a toast apron or a girly pink Christmas apron).

This super cute model is the four year old son of Denise, a fellow crafter. He was kind enough to model one apron but was not loving it so this is the only one I got modeled. He was sweet to do it for me.

Most of the manly aprons are blue some are green. They have things like trucks, cars and garden tools on them. It was hard to keep them simple and boyish. But I think I really did manage to do it. I did not girl them up even though it took every fiber in my being to leave them plain.

I am hoping they will sell well as dad and kid gift sets. There is so much stuff out there for moms and girls I am just trying to find an untapped market. 
My model (let's call him D) was kind enough to turn around and show me the back. However had he been a couple years older I fear he would have "given me the finger". And really I don't blame him if one of my mom's friends slapped an apron on me and started taking pictures I am not sure how I would react.  But a big shout out and thanks to little D!

I will have to rustle up another boy model some where.

So not I have less than 1 week to finish my family's Halloween costumes! And I need to get my act in gear. According to UPS our wigs are supposed to be here by Thursday! Let's hope they get here in time for the Octo-Boo! festival at the kiddo's school. Because how am I going to be the funnest mom ever without my big pink wig?

Hope you have some plans for a great week ahead.

Peace Out - C 

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