Monday, December 19, 2011

Ode to the world's best babysitter!

My daughter loves her babysitter Ms. Linda.
From the heavens above someone did send her. 
She is sweet and kind. 
She never runs late of falls behind. 
Oh Ms. Linda we love you.
There is no one we would place above you. 
She brings fun snacks. 
Car seats? she has two in the back. 
How she does it I will never know.
But we will follow her where ever she shall go.

Ok so this may not be following the ode in the strictest literary sense but I think you get the drift. Just wanted to make sure she knows how much we love her. She has helped us when we were in a pinch many many times. And she and M genuinely love each other.  M is always excited when Ms. Linda is coming. She has other babysitters that she likes but some how those two have a super special connection. 

I managed to finally get around to making Ms. Linda a Christmas gift and wrapped it up. She took it home to put under her tree. So if you are reading this Ms. Linda I warn you stop now if you want to be surprised!

A few weeks ago Ms. Linda asked me to make her a crayon tote like one that I made for us. I made her one that I thin turned out pretty darn cute.

It is a basic lined tote bag with a little pocket on the front and back that is divided out to hold individual crayons.

The tote is just slightly larger than a coloring book. And I managed to put one crayon in the little crayon pockets to show you those.

As if by magic the crayon pockets line up with the polka dots and makes the whole think look like I planned it out super well.

I have to admit that I did not really think about lining up the dots. Maybe I sew so much that subconsciously I was able to make it work. But It did turn out nice so if you make one you should think more about it.

The handles and pockets are made from this super sweet fabric that has tiny, tiny elephants on it. It contrasts nicely and is little kiddish without being to silly.

I hope she likes it and is able to use it. I know that she knows plenty of children to share it with.

I have another fun post planned for tomorrow! Hope you are having a great Christmas Eve Eve.

Peace Out - C

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