Monday, December 19, 2011

The invisible zipper and I have a terrible relationship!

My favorite skirt that I have her bought is a leopard pencil skirt from of all places, Chico's. Yes they do usually have old lady clothes. No a leopard pencil skirt does not sound old lady-ish.

A couple of years ago I was feeling like I needed to start being more practical and went in there looking for more practical clothing. What I came out with was said leopard pencil skirt and two tank tops. Since I live in the ATL (aka 11th circle of hell in August) tank tops are practical right? One thing I love about Chico's is that they have their own sizing system so the tank tops are a size 0 and the shirt is a 2. I do not even want to know what sizes those translate to and they make me happy so lets just go with it.

It was my favorite skirt until I gained weight and popped the zipper with y big ol' booty. I have since lost the skirt popping weight and got back into the skirt. However the zipper was a mess.

With my usual combination of braveness and naivety I decided to replace it myself. I am only marginally good at installing invisible zippers into my own original creations. Replacing a broken zipper added a whole level of craziness that I had never thought about before.

I am going to be honest and tell you that it looks so crappy that I am too embarrassed to show you a picture of it. But my husband says that no one but him should be looking that closely at my butt so I have been wearing it any way. The short version is that it was crazy hard! And you can see some of the not so invisible zipper. However I am excited to report that the skirt fits nicely now and I did not pop the zipper when I was wearing it.

Peace Out - C


  1. I too hate hate hate invisible zippers. I refuse to ever sew one because in my RTW I routinely zip my skin up into those things. Ouch! :]

  2. I know right! Craziness. I am glad I am not the only one. Thanks!