Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sewing to happen in NYC!

I was not sure if I was going to continue my blog but I guess I have decided. We are in NYC for 6 months. My husband is doing a sabbatical from Emory to NYU.  We are living in Greenich Village in an NYU owned apartment building. It is basically like living in adult dorms. In many ways it feels like living in a dorm did. Especially since the apartment is "furnished".  I put that in quotes because it is very functional furniture and is not at all what I would pick if I was moving here long term.

We got here in 12/29/11 and have been having a lot of fun exploring the city. Fortunate for the 4 year old who lives with us one of the best playgrounds in the city is just outside our window. I heard a rumor that Sarah Jessica Parker brings here kids here but there have thus far been no SJP sightings.

In sewing news, no I did not bring my sewing machine with me to New York. However that does not mean I am not going to sew. There are several places here that I can use their space, machines and other equipment. 

I have signed myself up for classes at The Sewing Studio and at Make.  My first class starts on 1/18 and is a party dress class. They sent me a big list of supplies to buy and patterns to choose from.

Here is the pattern I chose, V8615.
I am not completely sure how it will look on me. But I think it will be good and is so cute it will be fun to make.

I know for sure I am shortening the sleeve to elbow length. And the skirt to just above the knee. Other than that I am not sure at all how it will turn out. I hope that the fact that is is a "custom fit" pattern will help. This means you can choose A,B,C or D cups. Which almost gets me to where I need to be and should make it easier than usual to adjust the top.

I have tiny shoulders and a large chest which can be a tough adjustment. But I should be able to work it out.

My plan is to shop for materials this week. I am leaning towards a solid fabric in maybe a heavy knit, maybe a wool blend or something crazy like that? I'm not sure. But I think I am going to hit MOOD first and see if they have anything I like.  There are tons of other fabric shops in that same neighborhood s it will be interesting where I end up purchasing fabric and supplies. I will keep you posted.

Anyone have any suggestions for this dress?

Peace Out - C

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