Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am taking a class at Parsons!!!

Yes, the Parsons school of design where they film Project Runway. But no I will not be in the "work room". I am actually not even taking a sewing class. GASP! I know, but I am taking a textile based class; I am going to learn how to silkscreen. Who wants a t-shirt or something?

I have been wanting to learn how to silkscreen for ages. And when I was on the Parsons tour last night it hit me as what I wanted to take. I am not an official student. I am just a continuing ed student. But still I am super excited and think it will be tons of fun and hoping to come up with some new stuff! I mean a twelve week course where each session is 2.5 hours long. I am going to be a serious expert silkscreener by the end of this I hope ;) 

The picture is from my tour last night. I got to see the different departments of the school. The digital design lab was way cool in person but would not have made as nice a pic. And this is just with my camera phone. Not too shabby that phone.

Tomorrow is babysitter morning so I get to go fabric shopping for my party dress class! I am not entirely sure where to start. I could just head to Mood but that seems so cliche? There are so many other stores on that same street maybe I shall branch out.

I have my list all ready and will set forth with pattern in hand to figure out my party dress.

In other NY news, the weather has been pretty mild the last few days so we have logged some playground hours. Today Marion and I got a tour of the NYU Physics Department aka "Daddy's office" and then headed to the Children's Museum of the Arts. It was pretty stinkin cool. We did art projects but I think that the "ball pond" was M's favorite part.

Basically just a room full of giant exercise balls. But seemed to amuse the children.Let's hope it does not rain tomorrow. I am sure spending the day shopping will not be as much fun in the rain.

Peace Out - C


  1. Hey Chrissy! So glad you and family are settling in to NYC and I am jealous- that Parsons class sounds fab! :) Ive never done textile screen printing so I hope you post some details as your class moves along-

    Kristen Evans

    1. Hey Kristen! I miss you dude!!! I will totally update you on the class. Hope you are surviving the crazy ATL weather I have been hearing about. HUGS - C