Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finally won a battle with the silk screen!

I admit I was very discouraged by my inability to get an image out of my silk screen. During my class last Friday I decided to abandon that project and start on something simpler and more importantly smaller. And by goodness it was a great decision.

Today I got to the studio early and coated my screen. While it was drying a professor I do not know came in and told me that the coating was too think that it would never dry and that I needed to start over. He took my screen and started washing it out. I was partly horrified and partly relieved. He walked me through the whole process. Literally hands on doing the screen coating with me. Which was very helpful and may be what resolved my issues in the end. I thanked him, he was very kind.

Here is what my silk screen looked like once I got it all ready for printing.

That little yellow head is a silhouette of the profile of my lovely daughter.

I took several profile pictures of her over the weekend and she was very cooperative.

I have a plan to have other films that go with this to do overlays of features, a frame and a background. I now realize my big mistake was I should have burned all my films onto the screen with my prefect coating of emulsion. But the whole point is to learn so it will do me some good to have to do it again on my own. It is just a little labor intensive.

I was not sure what color I was going to print, but I had some cool black paper I wanted to try so black ink was out of the question. I was going for lavender but ended up with periwinkle. Again another good lesson in color mixing. It is sort of the opposite of sewing. In sewing you start out big because you can always go smaller. But in mixing ink you need to start out small because it is difficult to make it lighter.

However since this is my "homework" for my single color assignment it is good enough for now while I figure out where to go from here.

This is a test print on newsprint paper. 

 This is a batch of printed heads. I did about 8 of them before the ink started to dry a little. It was so exciting! I felt like a rock star when these prints came out so beautifully. I had spent over an hour setting up and hesitating over how to make myself get started. I really felt inspired and renewed when it worked. 

I am sure there will be more hurdles and more road blocks but maybe at least this will help me remember that I will be able to get past them.

Hope you are having a great week so far! Try something new when you can and even when you can't!

Peace Out - C

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