Friday, February 3, 2012

Never lift the presser foot and go SUPER slow!

This is such good advise that over at The Sewing Studio they have it posted on all the sergers and in a little frame between the sergers. It is nice that they have sergers all set up and ready to go for you to use as you make your project. They have two machines threaded with white and two with black so you are pretty much ready to go when you need them.

At my 3rd session I made some more progress on my dress. I finally cut out the last piece that I needed for the skirt and got the skirt pieces sewn together and serged.

While putting together the skirt pieces I got the pockets in and serged as well. I had not cut out enough pocket pieces so in a "make it work" moment I used the sleeve pieces I had cut out and am not using since I decided to do the dress sleeveless.

I only made one small mistake. I did not hold the pockets together close enough when I attached the skirt to the bodice. Now I know why pockets are sewn together on well made store bought clothes. I am going to baste my pockets shut before I make my second attempt at attaching the skirt.

This should help hold the pockets in place while I sew the skirt to the bodice. I hope that the pockets will be more closed and lay flatter than this in the end. They are a little gap-py and weird right now. Not loving it.

Also the zipper and lining are not in so I am holding the dress shut if you are wondering why my arms look all weird.

In other NYC news; the weather is still pretty darn nice. No snow or rain and the temperatures have been in the upper 40s - 50s quite manageable really.

Today I got approved for membership in the Bowery Babes, a mom group. In hopes of finding us some moms and kids to hang out with. And Marion has been enjoying her time at the afternoon club at the New York Kids club. Today she got to do 2 gymnastics classes and a cooking class, she reported that they learned how to make Miso soup. She liked making it but did not try it because she says she does not like soup.

Tonight I walked my few block walk over to Parson's for the first of my 12 weeks of silk screening class. I am excited and a little nervous. I hope it is fun and thay I am any good at it at all. I will tell you more about it as we go. Tonight we learned about all the supplies we need and how to clean your screen. My homework is to get some designs ready.

We have a visitor coming on Sunday so we are going to have to spend at least part of our weekend cleaning up this joint! Hope you have some fun weekend plans!

Peace Out - C


  1. Chrissy - dress looks pretty! And how fun to be a "Bowery Babe"! ;-) In my NY days, the Bowery was not a 'babe-like' place LOL. Glad Parsons is starting - I'm sure you'll be great at the silk- screening class. Enjoy your visitors!

    1. Hey Dagmar! It is pretty Babe-like these days and very kid friendly. Miss you!!! Hugs - C