Saturday, January 28, 2012

I found some more fabric!

When I was cutting out my party dress I ran out of fabric. I thought oh I will just get over to Mood and buy some more. In my mind it was just dusty old fabric no one was interested in and would be sitting in the same place it was when I first bought it a couple of weeks ago.

Well it was not. Apparently I was not the only one who had asked about my fab fabric and it took a while to find it. But thankfully Hassan (I wanted to hug him) did not give up and dug until he found it. Then I bought a ridiculous amount of it just in case!

My second party dress class was Wednesday, so of course I did my homework on Tuesday night. I finished cutting out my lining so that I could spend my time at The Sewing Studio sewing rather then cutting.

While working I decided that this dress will be sleeveless. It just looks like it wants no sleeves. Also I had to take in the sides of the bodice at the armpits. Either I have lost some weight or I can't measure either way too big is an easy fix.

Here's what I have so far....

I also have the same bodice made so far out of the lining done. I am basically making 2 dresses and sewing them together.

In other NYC news M an I ventured out to the Central Park Zoo on Wednesday. I would call it quaint, it is very small but very nice and well cared for. We had lunch with Eric one day which was nice. And she started two new classes, animal care and gymnastics. She loved both of them. But the animal class is WAY up town and pretty far from the subway, so while walking back to the subway M said "we should get a taxi". So she stuck out her little arm and we did just that. It was cold and dark and we had a long day. We have only taken 2 other taxi rides all month so I guess it was ok. Fortunately gymnastics is a very easy subway ride away and we get to play at the gym when they have open play since we are taking a class!

We have a packed weekend of lunches, visitors a birthday party and a dinner. But I am very excited to report that we are getting to pick out a new mattress! Thanks goodness! There is no way my back was going to survive sleeping on this ratty thing.

Hope you planning a  fun weekend.
Peace out - C


  1. Wow!! M is becoming quite the city girl. :) Calling a taxi and everything!!

  2. Sounds like you are having fun and are all taking full advantage of the city! Mollie

    1. We are it has been great. I miss all my friends (including you!) but NYC is pretty entertaining.