Thursday, March 22, 2012

Maxi dress for a mini girl!

Today I finally managed to finish the dress for M that matches the dress I made myself. I think since I have volunteered to help with the Bowery Babes Easter Egg Hunt in Washington Square Park on Easter Sunday we will make these our Easter dresses. However M was excited to wear it today and we decided to take it out for a test run.

We were going for a urban super model look. I think that the Birkenstock's really finish off the look.

This is one of the walls of the playground outside our apartment. We went around 2:45 right before it was mobbed with big kids getting out of school.

I designed the dress myself and it took two tries to get it right. The first bodice I made the arm holes were way too tight. I should have known when I was having trouble getting them around the arm of the sewing machine that something was wrong.

I ripped off the bodice and started completely over. I re-cut the fabric about an inch bigger all around. Now she has the ability to move freely and I know where I went wrong in designing it.

M requested pockets and she always chooses patch pockets when I give her options. She says they are better for rocks and stuff than in seam pockets.

The original bodice was going to be lined, but when I re-did it I decided that it would be cuter and lighter weight to just finish the neck and arm holes with bias tape.

I used store bought bias tape which is unusual for me.  And it was much more narrow than how I make my own bias tape but it worked out in the end and I really like the way the narrower tape looks.

I don't have a good picture of the button holes but I do not love the way that my new temporary machine does them! Thank goodness this is not a permanent situation and I will be happy to see my Necchi when I get home.  But fortunately it is a dress and the button holes will be covered by the buttons most of the time.

Since it is so long I added a slit in the back. I have a maxi dress that does not have one and I can barely walk in that thing. I thought for sure she would need it.

On the the playground worthiness testing of the dress. 

Perfect for going head first down the slide. 

Excellent for making new friends on the tire swing.
Just fine for walking up the slide.
Nice for driving a fire truck.

Given that we were at the playground all afternoon it must have been pretty comfy and decently functional. She did have a little trouble figuring out how to get on the teeter totter, but she worked it out.

We had fun doing our super model photo shoot, and it is so nice that we have been having such good weather. We spent the morning with friends up at Union Square playground, another one of our favorites.

Hope you are getting to enjoy some Spring weather.

Peace out!

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