Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Flowers, silk screen project

I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I am to be feeling well enough to be back in the studio. I hate to tell you that I am still not 100% and 3 weeks of being sick has been a pain in the rear!

These pictures and project are what I worked on during my Tuesday 3/20 studio time. After I got started on it I realized it is a little Marimekko-esque, but only sort of.

First I have to show you how much cooler and more interesting some of my classmates are than me.

The print studio is doing this cool project for the spring show where you put your practice newsprint sheets in a folder and other people can pick them up and print on them.

The flowers are mine and the cool occupy Wall Street stuff is from a classmate. He is this cool British dude who hardly speaks. But he printed this and handed it to me. Now I feel like I contributed, rather than spending my time just printing flowers.

To create the flowers I simply cut them out of black construction paper and taped them to my film. Together they look like this:

 But if you want to use two different colors you have to create two different screens. The you print the first color and let it dry and then you have to get it all lined up right and you print the second color.  Here are the seperations.

I printed this on paper but did not manage to get any good pics of it. Will have to show you those later. But I also printed it on bags.

This was my first attempt at using fabric in. Needs some fine tuning and practice. But still turned out pretty cool.
M has decided she needs one of these and she is going to use it to collect Easter eggs at the egg hunt on Easter Sunday. 

I also printed on a cool tank top. It is just a cheap top that I bought at H&M.

I put a big piece of paper in it, printed one side, let it dry. And then I flipped it over and printed the second side and left it to dry for a couple of days.

All of these fabric items still need to be run through the dryer to set the ink. It is acrylic so there is a small chance it could wash out without doing that but I doubt it.

The last thing I printed was 3 yards of black fabric. It has a small flocked flower woven into it and is somewhat sheer. I am planning to make a dress with the fabric, now that I have created it. This is what inspired this whole giant flowers plan in the first place I realize.

I got there as soon as the studio opened in hopes of accomplishing this. And it took some major work and ingenuity. As you know space it at a premium in NYC and that includes in the Parson's silk screen studio.

My main goal for today is to get to the library and pick up some books I have on hold and some books for the kiddo. However kid's club is still on "spring break" (for 2 weeks, blah!) and I have no time to myself outside of studio time. And the kid is being a pill about walking over to the library. She is actually in her room taking a nap to avoid the walk. However today is laundry day and the highlight of laundry day is you get to watch tv between loads. So I told her NO TV unless we get to the library! Maybe it will work?

Hope you are having a good start to your week.

Peace Out - C 

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