Thursday, May 10, 2012

Morning outing to Pier 25

I have been a little stalled on the sewing front lately. Well except for the Iz doll, she was for someone else so of course I managed to get her done. It is when things are for myself that I get stuck sometimes. I am still working on the V8728 dress. I am going to admit that part of the problem is that I change size ALL THE TIME! I have never been able to keep my weight constant. This makes me sort of crazy and I have wardrobe issues b/c of it. I have gained a couple of pounds and am pretty frustrated with myself. I took my eye off the prize and have been having a little too much fun eating my way across NY apparently.

So my point is since I do not have any new sewing news I am going to tell you about the fun things M and I have been doing with our days in NYC. Before we headed out this morning M took some pics in the apartment. She needs to work on her subject matter a little.

Me and my new goofy hat. 

My closet.

This morning we decided to check out Pier 25.  We headed for the subway and went 2 stops to Canal Street. Then we proceeded to walk around lost for 20 minutes, but M cheerfully marched along enjoying seeing NY. I was very proud of her. Plus it was CRAZY windy and we were not dressed entirely appropriately. The few times I have been in Tribeca I have gotten crazy lost. The Streets over there make no sense at all! It is not a grid it is a mess.

When we were finally almost there we decided we needed to stop and rest and get a snack.

 M and her new love of photography took this picture of her muffin and my coffee. It was at the Peace and Love cafe and was pretty tastey. 

Then we finally made it to Pier 25 and we were very happy that the playground was very easy to find. The weather was weird and changed frequently. 

There was a cool climbing thing. 

Binoculars to check out the view. 

A climbing wall. And the ground was that squishy playground stuff but was super springy and was the bounciest outdoor surface I have ever walked on. 

Is it gonna rain or not?

I am the queen of everything!

Some of the foot holds where these funny little guys. Super fun! 

Then we got to play mini golf!! We kept score but I did not add it up, I am pretty sure I won. M sort of cheated a little. She was not so great with the club. 

But she just happened to be perfectly dressed for golfing today. 

All in all it was super fun! And fortunately on the way back to the subway we were able to head directly there which was nice b/c it was raining. But it only rained a little and when we came up out of the subway at our stop it was not raining. Weird. This weather is just weird. We have decided we cannot let it stop us since we do not have all that much time left in NYC. 

Hope you are having a great day! 

Hugs - C

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  1. Awwww, M is SO adorable!!! She looks big and strong on the climbing wall. I can't wait to see her all grown up.