Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's May 8th? really? Doll is done and M fell asleep in a box, again!

So last week is a bit of a blur. We had some emotional drama around here. M was hurt by a friend for the first time for real and was very sad. It was tough. I may have over reacted in a mama bear protective sort of way. But hey live and learn right? Also the weather up here in NYC has been total crap! It is cool and gray and sort of constantly feels like it is about to rain! What the heck? Where did spring go? Or is this what spring is supposed to be like and I am spoiled by the constant summer of Atlanta?

Any way in the midst of the craziness we did have some fun moments.

 We built this fort and several others in various forms in every room of our apartment.

M has decided to take up photography as a hobby. And I am teaching her with my insanely expensive SLR and really really need to get her something cheaper and lighter and all together more manageable but she is really into it.

This is a shot she took that I actually really really like. It will be a nice way to remember the playground in our NY neighborhood.

This one is slightly less successful. As you may be able to tell I have my hands on the camera trying to coach her a little. We have various versions of me in this state. I could show you more but you get the idea... M is into photography.

I did manage to finish the Iz doll and send her on her merry way to Ga.

This is her early last week before I got her legs put on and her outfit and hair accessories figured out. This is an old shirt of M's and it is a little too big but is a great color. I ended up using a red version of the same shirt and sending this one with the finished doll just in case she decides she needs the purple rather than the red.

I wanted a picture of M and Iz together to show how big the doll is. But M was being a bit of a grumpy pants. You can't see in the picture but at this point Iz now has little bloomers under her skirt that match it. She also now has a hair bow and a new shirt.

 Here is M with a finished Iz looking a little more cheerful. The last touches where a rick rack edged crinoline and a sequence belt.

M took this one. Keep in mind that this weather has been doing terrible things to my hair and I had just gotten back from a yoga class when this photo was snapped.

Here is Miss Iz all packed up and ready to make her way to Ga. She was fun to have around and I may end up making another one, who knows? Maybe a little blond brown eyed one? But maybe not M is really not all that into dolls.

And here is some proof that you really can be super comfortable sleeping in a box. This picture is from late Saturday afternoon. We had gone to a street fair in Chinatown, checked out an awesome playground, gone to the movies and then daddy took her shopping for Mother's Day gifts. Gee she has a rough life ;) But she does always manage to fall asleep in the funniest places.

Hope you are having a restful day where ever you are!

Peace Out - C

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