Monday, June 4, 2012

Ta Ta for now..... or forever?

Hi All -

This is our last week in NYC?!?!? And mostly I can hardly believe it. Right now we are enjoying another quiet and relaxing rainy day at home. Did some laundry and hung out and managed not to turn the TV on until 1 pm which is pretty good for a lazy girls day.

I think this may be my last blog post. It has been fun, but right now I am not doing much sewing and doing lots of living which is not totally conducive to blogging. I am also feeling a little like going off the grid for a while. We will be traveling a lot this summer. For example, we are leaving NYC next weekend but we will not be back in Atlanta until early to mid - July it is still a little unplanned. Crazy- pants? I know!

So rather than being sad let's look at some more of the fun things we have done in NYC recently.

M's grandparents came to visit and brought us all some nice gifts. They recently went to Hawaii and M got a new hula set. Complete with grass skirt, flower lai, bikini top, and a flower for behind her ear.

We did a little hula show in the apartment.

We took the grandparents to our favorite restaurants, Waverly Dinner and Otto. Ok so those are M's fav resturants. We also took them to the Statue of Liberty and Central Park.

  We even managed to catch the opening day of the Children's Amusement Park that they put up in Central Park for the summer.  It was fun. M loved some of the rides and did not love some others but I think her fav was the Bumper Boats. It is fun that she is big enough to go on these things on her own.

I was too big to ride the bumper boats, but at least the kids all seemed to be enjoying them.

Last week was M's last week of "school". She had been enjoying her time at New York Kids Club. She made some great friends and got to do some really fun things like rock climbing!

She got 5 trophies for her various classes. She has been proudly trotting them out to show anyone willing to look at them.

M took this picture herself.
We also got a cookbook of all the yummy things she made in her cooking class.

All the classes that lent themselves to it did a "show" at the end where the kids got to show their grown-ups the cool stuff they had been doing. I have to say Hip Hop and gymnastics were the best of the shows.

Kate and Eric waiting to see the New York Kids Club "Show"
M was very excited that her fab NYC babysitter (aka Kate the magical babysitter) came to see some of her shows. Thanks Kate! You rock! 

Yesterday we went to the Science Festival which was conveniently located in Washington Square Park. M and her buddy that we ran into got to see all sorts of cool stuff. They got to do some experiments including making their own bouncy balls from polymers (just don't ask what kind).

The coolest thing they had was face painting. You did not get to choose what you wanted painted on your face. You could pick a field of science and then you would get a surprise painted upon your happy little face. M picked physics and her friend F, wanted just a surprise over all.

M got a little girl with with lever. It is a simple machine and proof that anyone can change the world. Pretty fancy for a physics face painting. He friend F got Luna Park out in Coney Island, also physics related. Love it!!!

So I hope you have fun summer plans! And that you go out and live some life. I plan over the next few weeks to relax and have as much fun as possible. I also am very appreciative of the fact that I am very lucky and have a pretty great life.

As for the blog, I think I am ready to move on to other things. And someone once told me to quit when it starts to feel like a chore. So since I am not making millions of dollars from it (well no dollars right now at all) and it is starting to feel like a chore I am hanging up my blogging fingers. 

What are my plans for the future? What am I going to do when we get back to Decatur and M starts Kindergarten? The only answer I have to that right now is; live my life friends, live the heck out of life!

Peace Out - C

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  1. Hey Chrissy - Sounds like NYC treated you all really well! Your summer travel plans sound exciting. Can't wait to hear about them when you return. Safe travels, and hugs to Marion!