Friday, August 31, 2012

Nothing like a deadline to make you work! Studio re-do, FINISHED!!

Ok so it was a self imposed deadline, but I made it. When I started my re-do I wanted to be done by the end of August. And today is the day! My room is as finished as it can get right now. I have plans for a slip cover and some curtains, but the room is to the point where I can actually go down there and make these things. I am super excited and looking forward to getting some sewing done.

On Sunday we got all the molding in place and in less than a week my room went from this...

 To this...

I tried every angle and all sorts of lighting but I some how could just not do this room justice. Maybe the close up shots are more convincing.

Instead of putting the shelves back up (that I hit my head on and such) I organized all my tools on the walls.

 Thank you Ikea.

This ottoman is also from Ikea and was taken from the living room. It has seen better days and that fabric is what I am using to make a new cover and some cushions to give it new life and a comfy place for people to hang out with me while I work.

I made labels for the things in the closet in hopes that I will put things away better. Maybe it will help. I am planning to make curtains for the closet so that I can hide stuff back there.

I put the remaining pieces of some of my favorite fabrics in embroidery hoops and hung them up. I know this has been done before. But I thought it was a great way to displays my favs and one of my sewing themed silk screens it says "I like to look at life as a spool half full."

I did not forget that both my hubby and my daughter get some space in here as well. This is Eric's corner, I think I spruced it up pretty nice for him. It's just too bad all that electronic crap has so many cords I really need to get in there and tame that mess.

I also put in a tiny table and chairs so that M and maybe a friend could do a little crafting as well. I am so excited to have my room back. But now I have to go off and clean and cook and deal with all the stuff I have been neglecting while in the heat of the re-do.

I managed to only go over budget by about $17.00! I did all this for $567.00 (ish).  Which includes all the paint, wood for molding, new desk, new shelving, all the hanging stuff on the wall and all other supplies needed for repairs, caulking, etc. I did buy the most expensive paint in the world but those boys who mix up paint over at Ace (Scott Blvd, in Decatur GA) are so easy on the eyes oh and they are helpful and stuff too.

I am off to live some life, and check out the Decatur Book Festival!

Peace Out - C

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