Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ode to my hammock!

Alright so I just like to use the word ode. One day several years ago I said "I wish we had a hammock". And for some strange reason my husband actually heard that request and got me a pop up hammock and frame for our deck.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I sat in the hammock until I could no longer get in and out of it. And in the years after she was born we laid in it together. Then it started to fall a part and I could sit in it no more. Also it was so stretched that my butt was hitting the ground. One of the things on my long list of September projects was to make a new hammock.

Today I did just that.

 The only weird thing it that, the middle is higher than the sides. I do remember when I first got the old hammock I felt like I was sitting in a giant V and it eventually stretched. I am hoping that this fabric relaxes a little too. It is a little stiff and awkward now. But in a couple of months it should be perfect.
However when this one wears out I will probably just buy another one. Would have cost about the same as all the supplies it took to make this one.

I made the cute little pillow too. Which is nice. I got a lot done yesterday and today. It has been fun to have my room back and do some fun personal projects before I have to get back to the one woman sweat shop. Did I mention I am scheduled to be back selling my wares at Homegrown on October 1? I guess I need to make some stuff for that.

Peace Out - C

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