Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Studio Re-Do, Part 2

Right now I am sitting on my back deck drinking coffee, writing this and avoiding the studio fix up. I am happy with how it is looking so far, it is just that I am now stuck on a hard part. I have painted the floor and need to just do some final detailing and clear coat it.

What I am stuck on is quarter round or shoe molding for the whole room. I need to cut 22 pieces. That is 44 cuts and then it needs to be installed. URGH!!! I knew that this was going to be an aspect of this project. But somehow I was able to ignore it, until now. One of my neighbors has offered to help me. But I feel a little bad just pawning this project off on him. URGH!! Maybe I am over thinking it?

Let's focus on the cool looking floor. First I painted the floor so I would have a solid background. Then I drew in my design with chalk. It is pink chalk hope you can see it, and yes I just did it free-hand. No stencils or measuring for me. I am way too lazy for that crap.  

Then I started painting in the center. At first I was trying to do all the detail from the center out. Then I realized I needed to get the basic colors laid in and then add detail in layers as it dries.

I used the paint from the walls, ceiling and bathroom. And then I decided that I needed to add some more colors just to make it a little more interesting.

I am not quite done. But I added navy and pink so that there is a little variation in the design and so that the room is not so matchy matchy.

Maybe I will get inspired and finish it today, but if I do that then I really have to deal with the gap between the floor and the base board. What a pain! I just want to get back in my room! I miss having a space to call my own! And I have not touched my sewing machine in two months. Maybe I am having withdrawal? Or maybe I just need to take a break and play hooky today.

Later Peep!
- C

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