Monday, September 17, 2012

New Product Proto-types and testing the snap press

You may have seen the un-paper towel floating around on Pinterest and such. I have been seeing them and decided it would be a great project for testing out my new snap press.

First I had to determine what materials to use. I recently acquired some florescent terry cloth so I used it and some cotton as the main fabrics. When testing the snap press I discovered that the material needs to be a certain thickness or it will not work. I added another layer of fabric to the un-paper towels so that the snaps would adhere better.

I tested fleece, flannel and t-shirt as the inner fabrics for the towels. For ease of cutting and sewing the fleece worked best. The cotton and the terry stuck to it making it so that you did not need  to pin the three together, which was nice for serging the edges.

Once I serged the three fabrics together I put on the snaps with my new snap press.

I only broke two snap pieces and completely messed up only one towel. I think for the first time trying a new project and a new piece of equipment that is not so bad. Once all the snappy snaps were on I sewed in the thread tails and trimmed the towels all up before snapping them together. I rolled them onto our paper towel holder and they are ready for testing. I want to see how well they work before I commit to making them for other people.

Aside from the messiness of my counter, what do you think? I know you would want them in a calmer fabric. But are these something you would consider buying? Would you be willing to switch from paper towels to all cloth all the time? I will have let you know how this experiment goes.

Peace Out - C

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