Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall break was way too long!

Down here in the dirty south school started on August 1. Yes it is crazy pants and weird and all that jazz. But it is what it is and this past week was already "Fall Break". All I can say is I need to save up so that next year we can go somewhere because it was way too long. My mother came to visit so I had her and the kiddo to entertain all week. Probably needless to say but; not a whole lot of sewing or anything productive went on all week.

I only finished one sewing project and it was a project for my mom. In July she asked me if I would make her a set of 8 napkins and 8 place-mats.  She lives at the beach so she wanted something beachy. I never get to make anything beachy so it was fun to pick out these fabrics.  I settled on crabs, lobsters and sunglasses. I got some extra of the sunglasses fabric so I can make myself a skirt next summer.

Napkins I make all the time so easy peasy there. But I have never before made any place-mats. Just rectangles, right? I got out a place-mat that I had and used it as a template.  Then I cut out rectangles for the front and the back so that they would be reversible. I used sew-in interfacing so that they would be a little more sturdy and keep their shape.  

I added my cute little tags to the place-mats so she would remember that I made them for her.

She liked them and said she was excited to get home and use them. I hope that she enjoys them for a long time to come.

School starts back tomorrow and I am very excited! Now there is a chance that I will get some stinking work done!

Peace Out - C 

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