Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holy Crap on a Cracker it is cold!

Halloween in GA is usually a pretty safe bet that you will be sweating through your costume. However this year because of old Sandy we have been having bizarrely cold temps. I even busted out my UGGS. And they are ugly as heck, but I like to have warm feet so when it is actually cold I do wear them.

Since this weather caught us by surprise, the Divine Miss M did not have a warm jacket that fit at all. She was wearing sweatshirts and little hoody jackets and was just fine.

A couple of years ago I bought 10 yards of this love bird fleece that I fell in love with. And I also fell in love with this pattern McCalls M5743.

It is so easy to make and comes out crazy perfect, every time. I have made several changes to it and it is just so versatile that I use it over and over. My two older nieces and a few clients have all gotten love bird jackets from me.

M and I went shopping and the people at the store pissed me off. So instead of buying her a jacket we went home and I made her one.  I mean seriously you don't have a dressing room? What is that? The whole reason we came to the store is to try clothes on! If I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff and roll the dice as to whether it fit or not there is this thing call the internet and that is what it is for. And yes she could have tried on a jacket without a dressing room. But it was the principle of the thing! Ok back to making a cute jacket.

The only thing that has ever been a challenge with this pattern is the button holes. Apparently two layers of fleece is just a little too much for my machine. The pattern calls for three little buttons at the top. But M likes BIG buttons and lots of them so added more and spread them out. This handy little gadget lets you evenly space button holes without having to actually measure. And we all know how much I do not like actually measuring anything.

My machine was ok on the first 3 button holes. But it just gave up on me in the end. I had to do my own tight zig zag stitch and fake the last 2 holes. They actually came out looking better. So next time I make this coat (and we all know there will be a next time) I will just make faker button holes. Basically I make my machine go through the steps of a 4 step button holer even though it does the fancy automatic ones. Next machine I buy will have an old fashion 4 step button holer! Fancier is not always better. See how you put the button in the back of the foot and it measures it for you and everything. Well it is all good in theory but that foot gets hung up on think fabric really easily.

I got the jacket done (from start to finish in about 3 hours) and M was kind enough to model it for me.

 This is what you get when you ask a 5 year old to smile.

Hope you guys have a safe warm Halloween! I am trying to get my Halloween Spirit on so I hope to have some good pics for you tomorrow.

Peace Out - C


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