Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween 2012, Part 1

Those of you who know me personally know I LOVE HALLOWEEN. In general it is the best idea ever. You get to dress up in a costume! You get to celebrate all things weird, spooky and macabre. Macabre is one of my favorite words. Look I even spelled it right, I think.

I say this post is "Part 1" because as usual our Halloween celebrations are many fold. Last weekend was he first test run of our costumes. E & M have new matching costumes, but due to budget cuts and time constraints, lack of creativity and a dash of laziness I am tweeking and re-wearing an oldy but a goody.

I made Marion's Lorax costume out of orange fake fur. I can tell you it is not my favorite material to work with! Every time you cut into it, it all goes POOF and flies everywhere. I was tasting orange fur for two days after I made it.

I pulled out a jump-suit pattern I had used for M's costume last year and quickly discoverd she is MUCH taller this year. I had to add over 4 inches to it and make some other modifications to make it more Lorax-y.

I added a big butt, since the Lorax has a chubby rear that he lifts up to dramatically fly away.

I also decided to make it sleeveless. Because we do live in GA and even a sleeveless furry suit will most likely be too hot on Halloween.

I made a hood out of stretchy orange material also to make it a little less hot. The signature Lorax eyebrows are made of felt as well as the mustache. The mustache is a little too big. But it is hard to properly measure and fit things on a wiggly 5 year old. I plan to make some adjustments before our next appearance this Sunday at the Home Grown Decatur Halloween Parade.

Here she is posing with the class scarecrow (that I also made), but that is a whole other post. Sadly this is the best picture I have so far. The mustache needs work and she took off the costume after about 30 minutes because it was HOT out.

The Onceler was a little more successful. But by the end of the festival his hat and gloves were off and he looked a little melted. When I measured for the jacket he was wearing different pants!! I should have made it a little longer. We need to work some kinks out of this outfit as well.

The Onceler and the Medium Witch in the school cafeteria. Picture taken by a young artist.

Hope that we there will be fun had by all tomorrow at the parade. And that we get some better pictures! However M & E are sick so we will see how this all shakes out.

Later Peeps!
Peace out, C

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