Monday, October 8, 2012

New stuff over at HomeGrown Decatur

I was doing so good. I was posting on an a rather regular basis and making cool stuff. It is rather ironic that my last post (over a week ago) was about getting a lot done. I have had time to write posts and get stuff done I just have not felt like talking about it.  Occasionally that is the down side of having a blog, I just get tired of hearing myself talk. But it passed and here I am again.

I thought I would let you all know that I do have my stuff back over at Home Grown in Decatur once again. Tomorrow is my first day working in the shop! So if you are around stop by and say Hi. I will be there 10-2. If you ever want to check the schedule and see if me or any of your other favorite artists art working just check here.

Here are some pics of the things I have over there right now.


Dinner Napkins

Lunch or Cocktail size napkins.
Tote Bags. These are an updated version, the handle is longer and each bag is completely reversible. There is a super cute little hidden pocket in the lining of the bag that is perfect for your cell phone and keys.

In progress and coming to the store soon are:

Sandwich and snack bags. I have changed my lining. Now they are lined in fabric that is not totally waterproof but it is nylon or rip stop and will hold up well. The cost of the polyurethane fabric was just getting too high.

I do have a few more items in the works and hope to get them over to Home Grown soon. I am also working on planning to be at some holiday craft shows. I will keep you posted.

I have some Halloween costumes and personal projects to work on too. When I was deciding if I was going to go back to Home Grown or not we decided it was important that I also make time for some personal sewing projects. Because if I make sewing only about business I don't love it.

Here is a sneak peak at Marion's Halloween costume. Can you guess what she is going to be?


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