Friday, October 12, 2012

Firemen Pin-Up Dolls

In the past week I have made Halloween Costumes, Shirts, Napkins all sorts of crap for other people and the shop and nothing for myself. And well this project was not really for myself but was fun and stress relieving ... so it broke me out of my sweatshop grumpy funk.

I got this really funny Alexander Henry fabric, with fireman pin-ups on it. And I just wanted to make something out of it. I have seen them sewn into little pillow dolls before, but that just did not seem like enough to me. So I came up with the idea to add word bubbles to them. I have some printable fabric so I spent about an hour yesterday coming up with funny sayings for the firemen and printed them out. All that was left was to cut and sew. It was so much funner than cutting out squares for napkins that I was actually happy to cut out squares today since I had so much fun yesterday.

I know, I know but I just could not resist. So freakin funny, right?!?

These beauties will be on sale at Homegrown Decatur soon. I have the Holiday Pin-ups waiting to but cut for the holidays. And if anyone knows a shop that has some of the lumberjack pin-ups in stock leave me a comment. I have the construction workers and cowboys on order.

Have a great weekend!
Peace Out - C

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