Friday, November 9, 2012

Where is November going?

How is it already the 9th of November? Wasn't it Halloween like yesterday-ish? Part of the problem for me is that I was in bed with this awful sore throat crap for like 3 days and have been about 75% myself since. But once I no longer had a fever, I was able to get tons of napkins packaged up and tagged so that I have something to drop off for the Paidea show next week.

I have close to 100 sets of napkins ready to go. But if you need to buy some in the mean time you can see up there in the right hand corner there is a link to my Etsy shop!

Sadly my good machine is still in the shop and needs about $150.00 in repairs. But it is worth it, I miss her. I tried to do some tote bags on my back up machine but just not happening. So I switched gears and finally made the proto-type of the pin-up boy stocking.


I am going to add my funny word bubbles and stuff to the next ones but I wanted to get the size and shape of the stocking right. Each one will feature a different one of the "boys". I am waiting on a order, what is up with them lately? They used to be so fast. Now they are just a hot mess. I hope it improves because I don't know where the heck I would get stuff if I had to give up on them? Any way I have suiting and some other fun stuff coming so that I can make more pillows and stockings and other fun stuff with the boys. 

Hope to have my good machine back next week and get all this sewing for the shop done. Oh, and did I mention I am now Weekend Manager at HomeGrown! I am their first (and only) actual employee. Beth was getting sick of working on weekends and I needed a job so seems like it was meant to be.

Have a great weekend! 
Peace Out - C 

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