Friday, December 7, 2012

A Project for myself, What?

It has been a while, I know, I'm sorry. But I was busy. The kiddo had dental surgery and I made a ton of stuff. Yesterday I delivered to HomeGrown what might be my last batch of stuff for the year? Well Maybe.

So today I made a project for myself. It is a wallet, and I got the pattern from an independent pattern maker on Craftsy, here.

 I am calling it the "Saving for a Rainy Day Wallet". I made some changes from the pattern. Really I just omitted some inside pockets and changed the closure to a snap. I also made it so that I had to turn the fabric rather than having raw edges. But the overall shape and such are from their pattern. The shape and size was perfect so for less than $2.00 I had a great starting point.

 Instead of multiple pockets on the inside I just made one big one. I figure if I ever find my check book I could put it here and maybe then I will stop loosing it, maybe. Dang, I need to add find checkbook to my to do list. I trimmed the vinyl in bias tape so that it would not stick to the laminate.

Basically it is a wallet with six zipper pockets for cash and such. It is for peeps who are following the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system.

I used invisible zippers since that is what I had and installed them not so invisibly. I thought this would be easier with the laminate and I think it looks cute.

When I make it again I will probably add another pocket and change some construction techniques. But all in all it was a fun and useful project. It only took me about an hour and a half to complete.

So far I am rocking December! I have been working out, eating decently and have made multiple things for the shop (you can go by and buy them I have completed and delivered a custom order and only have one more to do. My remaining sewing goals for the month are:
1. Matching Christmas PJs for the whole fam.
2. PANTS - I bought the pants fitting class on Craftsy and my goal is to do it next week so I have some awesome pants to wear for the holiday season.

Hope you are having a rocking December yourself.
Peace Out - C 

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