Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Dance Bag!

Back in August M started saying she wanted to take dance classes. Specifically she wanted to take tap dancing. Apparently August was a little late in the game for finding a dance class. But find one I did and it has been great. She is doing ballet and tap at Vista Grove Dance Studio and LOVES it.

Along with the classes you have to get the outfit, purple leotard and tights, as well as the shoes. But then you need a bag to carry your stuff in because you have to change out of your "street shoes" and into your class shoes.

Yes they sell cute girly bags at the store where we got the shoes. But me being me I was not going to settle for some mass produced bag. So I made M a new bag to use as her dance bag.

Basically it is two fat quarters sewn together, with the corners squared off. I used fusible fleece (my new favorite product) to make it more sturdy and lined it in a simple floral. A giant teeth pink plastic zipper finished it off nicely. The straps are simple cotton belting and are attached on the outside of the bag with a square of stitching. I think this is a sturdy construction and looks super cute. 

Over all the bag turned out a little big. But that just means it will last a really long time. M had picked out and purchased this pink cowgirl print long ago, so we decided this was the project it was meant to become.

M thought it essential to take a picture of me holding the bag as well. It really is a great bag, may have to make a similar one for myself.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!
Peace Out - C 

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