Monday, September 16, 2013

Doll Cothes!!

How is it possible that my last post was 2 1/2 weeks ago? August 28th was like yesterday, right? Apparently I am feeling like someone pressed the fast forward button on my life. Last week was already Fall break for the kiddo. Which was already 6 weeks into first grade. Crazy! Yes!

Before the break I was all... "urgh! I was just finally getting into the groove of working and now we have to take a break!". But now I'm all ..."so glad I got a break to spend some time with my kiddo, she is awesome!" Why the change of tune you say? Well it was a forced break so I had to take it. School was out and I am the one with the flexible work so that I can spend breaks like that caring for the kiddo. And I found myself more than caring for her, we had a seriously good time.

Saturday a week ago we went to Girl Scout camp for the day. It was Leader Daughter Day and I have to say we had an amazing time. That may be the most fun she and I have ever had. We crafted and swam all day. And by all day I mean all day. We did 15 different craft projects and swam for a couple of hours. We did take a lunch break and a shopping at the GS Council store break, but those were fun too.

So we decided to spend Monday and Tuesday of break doing crafts too.  Monday was making doll clothes and Tuesday was duct tape projects inspired by things we did at camp.

M drew up a bunch of designs for her dolls. We picked the easiest ones to start on and I whipped them up.

This is McKenna modeling a one shoulder day dress with bias binding and rick rack trim. There are snaps at the shoulder.

This is Janie modeling a basic day dress, also with bias binding and rick rack trim. But it has velcro on the shoulders, M found the snaps too hard to do.

I used the same pattern for both dresses, pretty simple. But amazing to a 6 year old. And yes we only got to 2 dresses. Mostly because M found a craft book in my office that she spent 2 hours combing through looking for inspiration. It is a book from the early 90s, so some of the things in there are hilarious. But some have already come back around.

M happy as a clam with her doll dress designs. She happily changed their clothes about 15 times and let them "borrow" each others dress.

We spent the rest of the week visiting my mom and going to the beach. It was really nice to take a break and just hang with the kid. Maybe next break I will have a better attitude.


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