Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back in the blog again.

Oh you poor sad neglected blog!! 

I posted this picture so you would cut me some slack. Well and maybe so that I will cut myself a little. I could go on and on about all the boring drama I have been dealing with and why I have not been writing in ye old blog. But who wants to read a whiny list?

So lets move on to fun plans! 
- Paint. I have needed / wanted to paint for years and now I have to so lets do this.
- Tile. My 2nd floor bathroom's wood floor also got destroyed so I have to replace it. I am thinking tile. And while I am at it I am replacing the tile a few other places in the house. You know so it looks like we planned it that way. 

January was supposed to be the month of ME. Is it karma telling me I don't deserve time to re-group?  Part of me says yes, but another part of me says crap happens! Put on your big girl pants and deal! So the remaining bit of January and all of February are going to be "The Month of ME!"

I am going to do the projects I want to do. And not just because they might make me some money. Well ok I will make some headbands, but I have not made them in a while and I do want to make them. I am actually going to make some things for myself!! Like I really want a big comfy flannel nightgown. It has been stinking cold and all I want to do is stay home in my jammies. Well why not be cute and comfy?

Any way... I hope you are having a resolute January. And that you are getting some crap done!! 

I plan to be back in action and blogging more fun projects. Lets just hope life quits getting in my way. 

Peace out peeps! 

- C

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