Thursday, January 23, 2014

Made Myself... An Anything Organizer (for sewing supplies)

Today starts my new blog series call "Made Myself..." It is going to be all about the things I make for myself. Yeah!

Tomorrow I am heading to Camp Misty Mountain to be all girl scout leader-y for the weekend. The nice thing is that it is an all adults trip and my awesome co-leader Amanda is coming this year. The down side is that it is camping in January. Even though we will be in cabins, with projected lows of 19ish I will be packing lots of tea and sweaters and scarfs and well you get it.

We got to pick what activities we do this weekend. And me being me, I choose all crafts all the time. While packing up all my goodies for all my crafty classes I was like "why don't I have something that holds all this crap?" (If you know me you know that crap is my universal word for everything and I am working on just accepting such things about myself). I travel with this crap for classes and events (like this weekend) way too often to not have something better than a plastic bag or a tote bag with all this floating loose in it.

In answer to the eternal crap question, I made an organizer. I made one a couple of weeks ago as a sample for a class but it is living over at Sheepish right now and I think may end up with a permanent home there.

I started with three fat quarters and an idea.  I pulled out all the stuff I wanted to organize aka carry around.

Scissors, a chop stick, rotary cutter, pins, clothes pins etc.....

I figured out that the longest thing was the chop stick. Essential for turning things inside out and poking corners.

And I figured out that the widest things are my easy hem and button guage.

I did not take a good picture of the process but I laid everything out and drew on my pockets based on what I wanted to put in said pockets.

Then I sewed the top lager of pockets to the bottom layer (gray to red shown here) and then sewed the red layer down to the backing fabric.

I also wanted to have a flap to cover everything and a way for that flap to be held down so I added a loop of elastic and a button. Here is how it looks open.

Here is how it looks with the flap closed. Everything all snug and secure.

Did I mention that I used 3 fat quarters and two layers of interfacing?

I wanted this organizer to be stiff like a notebook. So there is interfacing on the backing and inside some of the pockets.

The outside also has pockets foe things that I might need to access easily and a large pocket on the back to hold a notebook. The closure is velcro.

This weekend will be a test run of actually using it, and I hope it is as handy as I planned for it to be.

Now... what should I make next for myself?

Peace Out Peeps!

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