Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting a little bit done is better than nothing......

At least that is what I keep telling myself. I was supposed to be doing a whole series on things that I made for me. After my last post I made a flannel shirt that I decided that I do not like at all. It is just not flattering so I am not going to show you but it will make a cozy pj top. I also made myself a comfy flannel night gown.

While they are not that exciting they are warm which is what I need these days. It is cold and we are basically just sitting here waiting for the ice storm to hit us tonight. Fortunately we got our gas fire place working today and we have a gas stove so if the power goes out we should not freeze to death.

Since we are having to remodel the first floor (because of the burst pipe) I am looking at many parts of the house. I am going to paint just about everything. And a lot of our furniture is crap, but the best I can do is recover or make slip covers for some of them.

This is one of our dining room chairs. It is gray and  blah and has a bunch of stains. And not too surprising they were dirty when I took the seat out I had to clean up all the wood.

It is amazing what a difference a little bit of fabric makes. And chairs on a chair just cracks me up! For ages I have been saying that for someone who works with fabric we have remarkably little fabric around the house. Well folks I think that is bout to change. I am going to do all these chairs. And I have a different chair print for my cozy nook chair.

Next I need to pick out fabric for my couches and possibly some curtains! Crazy!

The kid is home today because we are apparently about to get hit with "Snowpocolypse, round 2". But nothing so far. She just went to play at the neighbor's so I better take this chance to go work on my chairs before she gets back. Apparently the sound the stape gun makes, makes her crazy.

But in good old snow day fashion we have already done the school work that they sent home, made some crafts, watched a little TV and baked cookies. Lord I hope they get back to school at some point this week!

Just in case you wanted to see them, here are the cookies....

Cake mix batter, rolled in sprinkles and baked. Super easy and Marion and her friend had fun making them.

Hope you stay safe and warm.
Peace Out

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