Friday, May 16, 2014

Sweet little Sundress for a sweet little girl.

I LOVE making stuff for Miss M. I will be so sad when she no longer wants me to make her things. Maybe that day will never come, but it is likely it will. My good machines are in the shop and I am sewing on my back machine. Which is not a great machine. It thread barfs a lot and has tension issues, but I powered through on this project and am taking a break until I get a smoother machine back.

This is my favorite little girl's dress pattern.
McCall's M5613.

It is sweet and little girly but also modern. Can be made in any fabric and is easy to fit and easy to sew.

I make view B and this one is the fifth one I have made.

I like to line the bodice, which makes it look nice and finished. Also helps to make sure the top is not see through if you have a thinner fabric.
I bought this pony fabric a while ago for Miss M and just did not get around to making her anything. Last week I had a little free time so I busted out my pattern stash and realized this would be perfect.

The horses are more upside down than I realized. I did not look at it too hard and thought they were a little more tossed than they really are.

However when M looks down at the dress the ponies look right to her, so it works. And she mentioned several times, I LOVE this dress. Which is really all that matters.

Of course since it is new she HAD to wear it today. And of course since it is a sundress it was only 46 this morning. Which is extra weird for GA this time of year.

But she made it work. She paired it with a florescent yellow cardigan, knee socks and sneakers.

Here she is testing out the pockets.

I have a fun sundress cut out for myself but I just can't sew it with this crappy machine. I am off to cut out some more fun projects so that when I get my machines (maybe just one will survive) I will have some fun projects just waiting to be sewn.

Happy Friday!! 


  1. Do you have a tutorial? Super cute!

  2. Do you have a tutorial? Super cute!

  3. Not for this one. But if you can get ahold of the pattern it is pretty straight forward. Might be out of print by now though.