Friday, April 25, 2014

A funny little project

Yesterday I was teaching a sewing class at my local yarn shop Sheepish. While I was packing up my gear I thought about the fact that often when I am heading home from class, my iron is still hot! Sometimes I put it in a cardboard box. Often I just wing it and hope I do not burn myself. Herein the problem = hot iron needing to be transported. And I like to solve a problem when I can so I did. I made and insulated tote just for my iron.

Basically I took 2 fat quarters, and two pieces of fabric insulation (the stuff you put inside oven mitts) and made myself a little "hot"tote.

This is the bag empty. And a student last night pointed out that it would make a great wine carrier. Or a shorter version would be a great lunch tote.

It is true you could do all sorts of cute stuff with this simple concept.
There is my "hot" iron in there all cozy and snug.

It is a bit of a tight fit. But I wanted it to protect my iron in transport as well as keep me from burning myself.

This is what it looks like with the iron in it. A little wonky but it does the job.

So maybe sewing will solve a problem for you today! 

Peace Out - C 

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