Monday, January 12, 2015

It's 1.12.15 already let's get this year started

I am not sure entirely why but 2015 has been a slow starter for me. Maybe because I am not writing my blog or doing anything at all to organize my thoughts, but I am going to start doing so now! 

So first off resolutions! I am doing attainable monthly resolutions rather than HUGE year long ones. I hope they build on each other but not going to beat myself up about them. January = NO Cheese! and get to Jazzercise at least twice a week. That's it. February = See my friends more often! Hopefully while continuing not to eat cheese and to get to Jazzercise at least twice a week.  Small goals I can actually achieve.

But you are here to hear about what I have been sewing. The last project I actually finished was right before Christmas. It was "M's Magical Christmas Dress" which is suspiciously similar to the Elsa dresses I made around Halloween.

When M drew out this design, I thought she was nuts. I thought it was going to look ridiculous. But it is her dress so I went with it and I am glad I did. It really did turn out lovely. 

The thing that was throwing me off was that those are tiny silver butterflies on the white overlay. I had it stuck in my mind that it had to be a summery looking dress, or all white or some such nonsense.

In reality they just look like silvery spots that could be snowflakes or whatever. I'm the only one who cares that they are butterflies.

Of course the first time she wore it was to a ornament making party where she promptly got blue paint on the front and did not tell me till two days later. Fortunately I worked my magic and got most of it out. She really does not care and is happy to wear it paint and all whenever she gets the chance.

School has been back for a week, and I really have to get my brain back in shape. All that resting and playing turned me to mush! So I have actual paying jobs due this week that I really must get to!

Hope your 2015 is shaping up ok.

Hugs - C   

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