Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Dress!

Fabrics for M's Easter Dress
I admit I do not celebrate the Christian aspects of Easter. However the part I do like and celebrate are; the renewal of the earth, new Easter clothes and fun goodies in a basket brought by a bunny.

There is something about Spring that lifts your mood and brings back hope and happiness. You usually celebrate Easter with your friends and family and a big meal and fun things to do. All this along with the fact that Easter candy is the best candy all year and you get new clothes! Seriously what is there not to love.

When I was a child we did go to church, so the tradition of getting a new Easter dress was a new "church dress".  No matter where you wear it, having a new dress in warm spring colors makes everyone feel good.

A couple of weeks ago the kiddo and I were shopping on on a dreary day. And we decided we needed to buy some fun spring fabrics. I tend to buy fabric and then figure out what I want to do with it later. It usually works out just fine.

I found a dress idea on good old Pinteret. It is called the Knot Dress and has a girls dress and doll dress pattern available for free download.

It is sized up to 6T, so I did need to make some size alterations for tall skinny M, but the doll dress works great as is.

It is a digital pattern that you print out and tape together.

The bodice is wide. But I have to take everything in a couple of inches for my kiddo, so I am not a good gauge of what would fit other kids.

Also the skirt as planned would have been way too short. That is an easy fix I simply made it about 4 inches longer.

I took in the bodice 3/4 of an inch on all seams and used 1/2 seam allowance on top of that. Then it was too small to get over her head but fit perfect so I added a side zip.

Invisible zipper added to the side seam. 
Reluctant and Grumpy model. 
Somewhat cooperating, but too focused on the bees outside.

The ties at the shoulders and back are super cute. I used the white with gold dots to line the bodice so that it would show when tied.

And since kiddo is 7 and likes to run and climb and all things kid, I decided she needed some matching little shorts to wear under this dress.

The shorts pattern I used is the City Gym Shorts for all ages, from the Purl Bee, Soho.

I used the contrast fabric for the shorts and store bought white bias tape I found in my stash.

I had high hopes of making my own matching bias tape but sometimes good enough, is good enough.

I also made an American Girl Doll version of the dress and a more simple pair of shorts. I like making easy doll clothes. They are fun but they get abused by my daughter and her friends so I am not going to put a lot of time and detail into them.

Doll Shorts
Now I have about a week to come up with some dress shoes and kiddo will be all set and have a nice Spring dress she can wear to any event that comes up.

Hopefully I can manage to get hubby and myself spruced up a little in the next week too!

Hope you are enjoying Spring!!

Peace Out - Chrissy

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