Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tank Top 2.0

This morning I tried something new. I went down to my studio and worked on sewing rather than letting myself get sucked into my computer. And I realized that just being in my studio can be inspiring and I got an amazing amount of work done.

I have a basket of "crap that needs to be delt with". Ok let's be honest this morning it was actually two baskets full. But now I am down to 1!

So far today I have:
- finished a pair of cargo pants for the kid
- but the drawstring back in a pair of my lounge pants
- taken in the waist in on my leopard print jeans
- taken in the back seam of a workout top
- totally re-worked a tank top I made about 5 years ago!

All this before noon! All the sudden the kid has a new pair of pants and I have 2 pairs of pants and 2 tops back in my wardrobe, crazy, I know!

So the deal with this tank top is that I LOVE the fabric but have never liked the style and fit.  It was in the basket-o-crap because I did not want to throw or give it away but I did not know what to do with it, until today.

Tank Top Before. Pulling across the chest and arm holes are too tight. 

I did not like the pleats in the front, and the armholes had gotten a little tight. Also there was a facing around the neck that was not put in right and it never stayed put!

The back before.  
 The back was not fitting quite right either. A little tight and what was I thinking with that giant button?

The armholes previously had bias tape facings. Cute but not much give, plus you know my arms some how must be a little bigger then when I first made this shirt.

I basically took the whole neckline, armholes and back seam apart. I took off the facings. For the armholes I simply turned them under and hemmed them. This gave me about 1/2 an inch larger openings for my arms. For the neck I needed a way to gather it that looked better than the pleats. So I turned it and hemmed it as well. Then I attached a piece of frilly elastic to gather the front.

Thank goodness for huge seam allowances, because of the standard 5/8" I was able to open up the back seam and give myself a little more wiggle room.

Sadly the back seam does not entirely match up. But you know what I pretty much never have to look at it so I am not going to sweat it. It is a casual shirt so I am going to let it go. At least now it is wearable.

Not so perfect back seam. 

After! Tank Top 2.0
See how much better it fits. The neckline is a little lower, which is more flattering, and it is not pulling across the chest like it was before. I have to say I am pretty happy I managed to salvage this top. I have always loved this fabric. Now if it would just quit raining and warm up then maybe I could wear it!

Hope you are good today!
Peace Out - C

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