Sunday, July 10, 2016

Final Washi Dress Sew-a-long post!

Hey Peeps!

So here we are at the Washi Dress (from Made by Rae) final post. I hope at least a few of you successfully made a dress. 

Even more I hope that all of you learned at least something. I know I did! 

Once you have your muslin all marked up, you take it apart and use it as your new pattern pieces. That is unless you are one of those lucky people who are pattern sized. I had to make several changes to the bodice of mine. See the last few posts for more specifics on my changes and how to make changes in general.

This is the unicorn houndstooth that I used for my final "real deal" Washi Dress.

This is the back and as you can see I drew on my shirring lines with regular old pencil. After trying several different ways of marking I have officially decided that plain old pencil is my marking tool of choice.

 I did my shirring on my good old reliable machine. She really needs a name but I have not come up with one for her.

I knew she would do a great job and I just didn't feel like messing with it on my new machine.

I did the pleats and the darts on the front pieces.

Luckily I did not need to make any changes to the skirt. However this fabric was not as wide as other fabrics I have used.

I had to do the pocket pieces as separate pieces. I actually like this better. I was able to top stitch down my pockets and they really sit much nicer.

I decided that this would be too childish looking with the combination of this fabric and the little cap sleeve. So another sleeveless one it is.

I was too lazy to make bias tape so I dug through my stash and found this goodie.

There were a few spots where it had yellowed. But I decided to make it a bias tape facing and it will not show plus I think it will not be as yellow after I wash it a few times.

Here you can see the bias tape from the back and how lovely and smooth the front looks. This is one of my favorite techniques for finishing edges. However I do have to admit is was way easier and came out way smoother on my new sewing machine.

I used to say that the type of machine you sewed on did not matter. I said that because I sewed on old crappy machines for years! And well yes I did sew a lot of stuff with them. But I spent A LOT of time fighting with my machines. And while it did teach me how to fix them, I would have rather spent that time making more stuff.


 I busted out the good old Easy Hem and did a wide two inch hem. I think it adds a little something to the finish to have a wide hem.
My 8 (soon to be 9) year old photographer just shoots and shoots. I am not sure she looks at me at all, she just presses the button.

 Me and my tiny dog in the sun.
The back sides of me and tiny dog.

Given the challenges I have with my shape, I think this is an all together comfortable and fairly flattering little summer dress.

I have already worn it and will happily wear it many times this summer I am sure.

I would love to see any Washi's you made. Did anyone make the tunic length? I may have to try that next.

I am not sure if it was the Sew-A-Long or my AMAZING vacation or life in general but I had a few BIG realizations the last few weeks.  So keep your eyes out in the next few days for a post about that.

In the mean time, Go Make Something!!

Peace Out - Chrissy  

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