Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 3, I am on a roll!!!

First the AC repair man finally came at 7:45 pm. My sweet hubby had to take care of dealing with him and putting M to bed b/c I was off at a committee meeting. I am now on the fashion show committee for a local charity.  More on that as I know what I am doing.

On the sewing front I did manage to finish the lovely pink shirt. Eric says it is my best thing that I have made yet. But he says that almost every time I make something new.

I was working on it for a while before I was brave enough to sew on the buttons, and put it on. I am always worried that some how mean fairies will come in and make my clothes too small.

The pattern that I used was Simplicity 2601, with some modifications of course. I did not like any of the collars that they had. They did have an option of putting rick-rack at the edge of the neckline but that would not have been right for this fabric. Speaking of fabric I used solid Anna Maria Horner voile that I got from Whipstitch. It is soft and lovely. But was a little tricky to sew on. I really do suggest that if you sew on such delicate fabric that you change to a smaller needle. I tend to sew with a large needle. And anything larger than a 12 just pokes too big a hole in the fabric. I would suggest a 10 or a 12, I used a 10.

The sleeve is less gathered than the pattern suggested. I decided that I have big arms and I do not need to draw extra attention to that fact. A bow is drawing enough attention.

I used off white thread for a contrast detail. To attach the ribbon detail I used the same thread but used a tiny stitch length, between 1 - 2 on my old manual machine.

When I was in Chicago last week, I dragged the ever dutiful Eric out to a cute neighborhood called Buck Town. Where we went to this lovely little shop that sells buttons and ribbons and other lovely trims, Soutche. They were very nice but the funny thing is they said they were jealous of the fabric stores in Atlanta! I said WHAT?!?! you have got to be kidding me. There are so many more fabric stores in Chicago and there are few in Atlanta, except for Whipstitch (yes another shameless plug). And they told me about Nicholas Kniel, he is in Atlanta and I had no idea! Field trip! But they sold me some very lovely ribbon and sweet little Italian buttons and I went about my merry way.

I was not sure what I was going to do with the ribbon when I bought it but magically I had just enough to make the button loops and trim the neckline. When I was almost finished and working on the hem I felt the shirt just needed something to tie it all together. So I added the ribbon to the bottom as well. I had only 1 inch of ribbon left, it was just meant to be.

If you ignore the fact that I have on no make-up and really need to get my hair done, it is a really cute, flattering and well made shirt. I am super excited about it!

Now I can start cutting my birthday dress! My birthday is on Wednesday but the celebrations start on Thursday, do I have time to get it done? What will tomorrow bring? I know I am getting my hair done! But more importantly my darling little rockstar of a daughter is turning 3! I am bringing rice crispy treats to her class at 3pm so that should be fun!
Rock and Roll!!!!!!

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