Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh no sewing today

Today was an ok day not entirely productive, but not entirely unproductive either. It was my beautiful and funny daughter Marion's third birthday. After Eric took M off to school I made Rice Krispie treats to take to her class for afternoon snack. I made 2 batches the fist came out really gooey and the 2nd was a little dry. But I took them to school with some little blowy things and the kids seemed happy.

We are having a more official yet tiny party for Marion on Sunday with our neighbors. I feel a little bad that  I have not gotten Marion her birthday present yet but I did confirm with her this morning that she would like a tea set so if you have any tea set suggestions I am all ears.  My mom sent her a rocking chair that she is enjoying.

After the school party we came home and played with the neighbors. Both neighbor girls have birthdays over the next few days too so their mom and I are being supremely lazy and having a joint party.

On the sewing front, I opened a pattern cut the paper pieces apart and cut a few pieces of the fabric. It is the beautiful mystery fabric that Eric brought back from Spain with him. I am hoping to make myself a birthday dress. Do you think I am too old to pull off a halter dress? As you can see there is an option for the same pattern with a covered back and a cap sleeve, may have to go that route. Also it sort of amuses me that the fabric I received from Eric is so similar to the illustration on this 1940s reproduction pattern, I am hoping that it means it will turn out well. I have never made something so similar to the illustration.

But today I promised my soon to be 7 year old neighbor that I would make her an outfit. Little elastic waist capris and a top should not take more than a couple of hours but still got to get it done.

 Tomorrow is another day. As a friend of mine says, "well you know how you eat an elephant right? one bite at a time".

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  1. I bought Parker a tea set this weekend while she visited in Ellijay. She loooooved it and had so much fun with it. It looks like the "fiesta" stoneware and is so colorful. Hope Marion has as much fun playing with hers