Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't go down the rabbit hole of the mundane!!!

Oh wait I already have. I had these grand plans to do all this sewing and get all this stuff done. I started my day all ready to go and then the mundane attacked! I took M to school, I went and worked out (yeah! a small victory itself). But then I got home and I was the only one there. No one knows what I do all day. I could be eating bon bons and watching TV for all anyone knows. And by the state of my house you are not entirely far off.

But I did deal w/ landscaping issues. Did I mention I am the head of the landscaping committee for our town home association? And I confirmed that I am joining a committee to help plan a fundraiser for one of my many political / social causes first meeting is tomorrow evening! I scheduled the Air Conditioning repair people to come tomorrow, made a grocery list, etc...........

While I am happy that I have a rather unstructured life I need to set some rules and add a little structure.

Here are the rules:
1. TV limitations - only allowed to watch tv if I am also working out at the same time. Until 4pm, that's when Oprah comes on and I am not going to deprive myself of such a pleasure.

2. The only things I HAVE to do every day are get up and get dressed (no lounging in PJs all day!) & make dinner and have it ready for Eric and Marion when they get home, or soon there after ;) depending who is on Oprah that day.

3. If Eric is out of town I still need to stick to the rules and somewhat of a schedule b/c things just go better when we do.
Not the best quilt block ever, but I am new to quilting.
So after I set these rules for myself, I headed to the sewing studio and got started. I made another quilt block. I have now made a total of 2 quilt squares in my life. Neither are terribly great, but they are for a good cause so I am going to send in my attempts, check out this cool project that Anna Maria Horner is doing called Rainbow Around the Block. I plan to send them off tomorrow.

Ok this is what I get for not using a pattern. But I think it is sort of cool.

 While experimenting with quilting is fun for a good cause I don't think it is my new passion. However I also worked on another project today and here is a sneak peak,
I am hoping to finish this and tell you all about it tomorrow. 
Additionally today I signed up for the Self Stitched September challenge. I already make and wear a lot of stuff but I really would like for the majority of my fall wardrobe to be handmade. More to come on this.

One last thing to come out of today is that my cousin Stacy Sheets is working on this cool looking web-series The Focal Point and has asked me to help with the costuming. So I am off to read the script and see if maybe being a costumer is a good fit for me?

Today was pretty darn good! Full of interesting developments in the "Who is Chrissy Weeks?" project.

What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully the air conditioning repair person......and some more interesting developments.


  1. Hey Chrissy - sounds like you HAVE been busy -- good for you! It's tough to be 'structured' when the people that help structure you (DH, kiddo) are away. I run into that issue in the summer when school is out - it's tough for me to be disciplined consistently and to get stuff done. I love the quilts by the way!

  2. Sweet - I got a shout out but I love your love for Oprah.. I like her a lot too.