Friday, July 30, 2010

Lady Who Lunches

I woke up this morning feeling awful!!! I was SO dizzy that I felt like I was at sea in a hurricane in a tiny boat. I wake up feeling like this every now and then. I have attributed it to dehydration. Sadly there was no fun drinking or general over-doing it that caused this. I probably just did not drink enough liquids yesterday and it was like a gillion degrees. So after lots of liquids a bath and some rest I am feeling like I can at least function.Which is great because I am having lunch with my good friend Heather who I just don't see often enough! Then when I get home my mom (aka Mimi - to Marion) will be here!

So until I am off to lunch I plan to work on the birthday outfit for my neighbor Ally. I think it is going to turn out super cute. Her birthday is technically today but we will see if I can manage to get her outfit done ;).

All the pieces are cut and I have started sewing, well the pockets for the pants are ready. And I even busted out the tracing paper and traced the short sleeve version out of the whole bunch of sleeve options, which I am normally too lazy to do. But when I sew for someone else I tend to be more careful. My daughter can have a crooked sleeve but not my neighbor by golly! 

Ally and Marion in the wagon in the drive way that we all share.
I have not made any more progress on the birthday dress for myself. No telling when it will be done. I have to admit that last night, which was chore night, after M went o bed I sat on the couch reading "Gone with the Wind", which I am LOVING! It is making me feel and think all sorts of things, more about that later.
But because of my laziness and thins mornings illness, I may have to do things other than sewing over the next couple of days! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

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  1. so glad you're feeling better... Good luck on the dressmaking too! Keep drinking that H20... :-) Dagmar