Monday, August 2, 2010

Hope you had a good weekend!

This was a pretty good weekend at our house. My mom came in town on Friday and will be here all week. Saturday we went to the pool and Sunday evening we had a small pool / birthday party at my neighbor's house.  About a month ago one of our neighbors had a huge birthday extravaganza for their one year old. It was at the huge party (though it was fun) that my neighbor Megan and I decided to just have pizza at her backyard pool and only invite the kids in the neighborhood so we did not have to deal with parking or anything! While it would have been fun to have a big party, this was fun too and I admit a lot less hassle and stress. And I am very into low stress these days.

I had fun making these little cakes. I also made a bunch of cupcakes. I did not make any gifts for Marion (my daughter) or Katie. But I did finish the birthday outfit for Katie's big sister Ally and managed to give it to her on her actual birthday, check out the flicker stream photos. 

On Friday evening I started a project for myself. I am making a lap top sleeve. Right now I am embroidering the front flap. Yes I know copyrights - blah, blah, blah. But here is my reasoning why it is ok.

1. It is cool and funny & they no longer use this version of the logo.
2. The computer in the sleeve will be a Mac.
3. This is for my own personal use and will not be sold. But if you love it I can tell you how I did it.
4. They give you stickers when you buy their products and they want you to put their logo on stuff so this is just like putting a sticker on something, but WAY better.

Plus I hand dyed the fabric to look like the sky and I LOVE it! I will have a ton of it left and will need to make something else out of it. Any ideas?

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