Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blue Giraffe and busted sewing machines

On Sunday my mom offered to watch Marion while I ran to the grocery store. On the way out the door I said, "you guys need anything else?" Marion said, "yes, I need a blue giraffe". I sad, "ooookkkaaayyy, if they have a blue giraffe at the store I will get it".

There were no blue giraffes available at Publix, she asked me about it when I got home. The next morning she asked me, "why didn't you get me a blue giraffe?" Once again me being me, I decided yesterday afternoon that I could make one for her.

I managed to make one out of scraps of fleece, a fat quarter I inherited, some buttons, and a little embroidery floss. I spent $4.00 on stuffing. So over all a pretty low investment. And it turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. Marion LOVED him and immediately named him Mynose (spelling unknown but something like that).

Before - Seemed to be working just fine.
However I spent about 30 minutes fixing it yesterday.

Sadly right after I finished make Mynose aka the Blue Giraffe, my favorite sewing machine committed suicide. I have to admit that pieces have been falling off of it for the past couple of weeks. I have managed to fix it several times. But I cannot get it fixed this time.

I tried but it is just not worth my time at this point. I have 2 other machines. One is a Kenmore that I inherited from my mother. It is missing one of the rubber feet off the bottom and is in major need of some TLC as well.

My 3rd machine is a Viking I inherited from my mother in law. My plan is to pull this last one out and see if I can get it working. But I had put it away b/c I had given up on it because it has some issues as well. Needless to say I am going to have to back burner my birthday dress until I have this resolved. I just cannot work on something important when I just can't trust the machine! Any way I am sure it will all work out some how. But does anyone have any machine suggestions just in case I need to buy a new one? Of course I SO have NO money for this right now! DANG!!!

After, IN PIECES :(

I have never bought my own sewing machine, and when I tell people that they are usually really surprised. So I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. All I can do is plan to get up and get going. Maybe if I workout after I drop off M, then I can think on it while I work out. Usually is when I do my best thinking.

What are you doing tomorrow?

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