Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh horoscope you were so right for once......

I am a Leo and some would say therefore inclined to be dramatic. Yesterday my horoscope was decidedly anti-drama (good) and true. Here it is: "You can find the solution through the simplest conventional means". Well I did find a "solution" to my machines drama.

Machine #1
The Jenome that I love so dearly, which I inherited from my friend Glennis is dead.  She was a workhorse and had a good life but all the same parts that fell off and were replaced last August did it again and I just don't think it is cost effective to repair her. She is in he garage awaiting whatever her fate may end up being.

Machine #2
The old Kenmore, which I inherited from my mother, was wobbly and noisy because it was missing 2 of the rubber feet of the bottom. I took the remaining rubber feet of and oiled everything I could find to oil. Now she is much less wobbly and much less noisy but not entirely pleasant to work with.

Machine #3
Is an old Viking that I inherited from my Mother-in-Law. This machine "works" but sadly has never been my favorite machine to work with. It is a very early computerized machine. I think that part of the problem may be my expectations of a computerized machine, which are based on the machines I have seen other people using that are much more modern than this machine. I have had trouble with both button holes and zig zag stitches on this machine. It drops stitches on all of the options I have tried.The bottom line on this machine is that it is also usable, but not ideal.

All of these machines are hand-me-downs and are at least 18 or more years old. Actually not sure how old the Janome is but you get the picture. They have had long fruitful lives but it just might be time to call it quits.

Now back to the horoscope and the conventional solution. I have decided and I am going to arm myself with information. I am going to go do some sewing machine shopping. A-1 Sewing machines up on LaVista takes trade-ins and has a ton of different models to look at. Plus they are a small local shop which I would rather support than any of the "big box" stores. So I am headed there after lunch with my pal Diana today. I have done some online research about machines and I am hoping that seeing them in person will help me decide.

On another topic, I got Marion's room together but still need to hang the stuff back on the walls. And I have big plans to take the closet doors off and put up a cute quilted curtain over the closet door frame. Should be really cute! But I am not a quilter and this will be the biggest quilting project I have ever taken on.

What are your plans for today?

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