Friday, August 13, 2010

New Machine!!!!

My very cute and wonderful husband is coming home from Japan!!! He is on his way now!! We are picking him up at the airport around 7pm on Saturday. But thanks to Skype he talked me into buying a new sewing machine. So I thought he deserved a little shout out as well as a picture in the old blog.
Photo by Marion Weeks - she told me today she does art with pictures! Love that gal! 
So I did it. I went shopping and got a new machine! Here she is................

She really is quite lovely and I hope that she and I have a long happy relationship. I traded in the Kenmore and the Janome. I was actually a little bit sad to leave them in the store and walk away from them. They have taught me so much and helped me through so many things. I sort of miss them, well sort of ;)

The last thing I made with the old machines was a whole bunch of bias tape which I am going to use to finally finish my lap top sleeve. Which I did manage to work on for a little while today.

It is going to turn out amazing,
but right now
I would call it a work in progress
However today was an oddly social day for me. I actually spoke with several other human beings in person. My new neighbor Jay stopped by for coffee and muffins this morning, then I went to yoga, I got to meet baby Nuri (my friend Raja just had a baby he is SOOO cute) and then my cousin Stacy came over to hang out with me and Marion. Per a very persistant request (from Marion) we had shrimps for dinner. The girl has good taste at least she inherited something from me.

I am eventually going to finish the lap top case and then I have a whole entire giant bucket of projects to work through.

Plus - Eric is bringing me fabric from Japan!! Lately when he goes on trips to cool places he has been hunting down fabric for me. Then I have to figure out what the heck to do with it sort of like "Iron Chef" but with fabric. So I like to call myself the platinum seamstress. He sent me cell phone pics but I am going to wait and get good pictures after I check it all out! But there are 3 different prints, ohhhh, ahhhh.

Stacy took this picture with Marions' new camera, we both got cameras for our birthdays SO COOL. It adds all sorts of stuff to the pictures for you. I am still reading "Gone With the Wind" so this is me as Rhett Butler. We are supposed to go to a pool party tomorrow. But we shall see what else tomorrow my bring. I know one thing it better bring, Marion's Daddy!!! Last trip he got stuck for an extra day, NOOO!!!!! Better not happen again. See I am making my mean face with a mustache on so fate better be listening to me. Argh!!!

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