Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The other day we got an email from Marion's school saying that they are going on a longer hike than usual on Thursday and would like the children to bring their own little water bottles, preferably with a strap to school on Thursday for the hike. So being who I am I decided that I would make a little carrier for Marion's water bottle and of course I did it the night before she needed it, after a crazy long day of painting all day and all sorts of other stuff.
Basically it is a tiny little tote bag with boxed corners and a long strap so she can carry it across her body, I hope. It also has her name on it. I bought a bunch of iron on / sew in tags with her name on them and they are awesome I put them on everything. They are from Jennifers Jewels on Etsy and they rock!

In other news, I spent the day painting Marion's room. It was boring beige! And now it is a lovely sage green. It is not the color I would have picked but she told me she wanted a green room so there it is. Plan to post some pictures tomorrow after the cleaning lady comes and everything is all put back together.

When I was a kid we moved, a lot! Like every couple of years there for a while. I only remember ever getting to pick the paint for one of my rooms it was lavender and I loved it. I had peach mini blinds and this pastel striped bedspread and I thought it was the best thing ever. So I decided after 3 years on this earth Marion should get to have a little piece of it that is just for her. So green walls. I spent my entire budget on the paint. I actually went over my budget ($100.00) by $13.00. I have some more things I want to do in there so I am going to have to be super creative and see how I can do this without spending any money. Should be interesting.

Tonight I went to my 2nd planning committee meeting for the Feminist Women's Health Center's up coming Choice Celebration. I am on the fashion show committee, and am SUPER proud of myself for not taking over and becoming in-charge of the committee. We are looking at the potential venue tomorrow and I think I am going to design something for the fashion show. I need to find some people to make donations. You interested in donating? Know anyone who would be?

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