Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Day of Self Stitched September

I had to take my own pic today so a little blurry and weird. But it is an entirely self stitched outfit and an item I have not worn yet. Brown Pants! And as planned they actually match several of the items in my wardrobe. They are super comfy. And it is nice that it is cool enough to be wearing pants! 
I actually made these pants about a month ago and just have not worn them because it has been so super crazy hot here in the ATL. 

Self Stitch September was an interesting journey. I almost can't believe that the month is over! 

What have I learned?
1. That I have a lot of clothes I have made myself. I still have 2 dresses that I never wore all month. One of them I wore a lot earlier in the summer but I am not entirely sure I like it or it is flattering. And another I know I like. I just don't like the way I finished it and it is a little see through. So this makes me re-focus on putting more thought into the items that I do make for myself and maybe a little more time. Rather than just whipping stuff out one after the other.

2. A lot of people who did SSS posted items that to me were the things that I think it is cheaper and easier to buy. Like t-shirts and basics. To me the point of sewing is to have something unique and unusual. But maybe the people who sew more simple things for themselves are right. Maybe I would wear things more if they were more everyday items and not so special and unique? This thinking is why I made myself a simple black wrap skirt and some plain brown pants. Ok well the skirt is reversible and the other side is zebra print. But hey even having one side be solid black is a move in the simple and practical direction for me.

3. I do not have to do everything 100% all of the time. Some things are just good enough. I did manage to wear something self stitched every day even if I did not post a photo or write a blog entry about it. And that is good enough for me.

This month in general has been an introspective month for me. I am supposed to be in a "re-grouping" and "figuring out" phase. And honestly I have not been doing enough of that. I have not entirely over committed myself but I am committed to one thing I have discovered I am not enjoying. So I will finish out the volunteering I committed to but once it is done I am going to pull in and make my life a little smaller. I am not waiting for January to start fresh. Every day is a chance to start over or just do a little better or even simply do something different.

What does that mean? I think that it means that I want to put the focus back on myself and my family. And take the focus off of "what am I doing with my life".

- I need to take better care of my house.
- I need to take better care of my family. We have been eating way too many hot dogs and tater-tots for several months.
- I need to take better care of myself. I am not eating right or getting enough exercise. Both of these NEED to move up on my priority list. I have gained 10 pounds over the past few months and I need to get a handle on that before it gets worse!
- I am going to say NO when people ask me to do things that I really just don't want to do.
- I am not going to pursue any "time-fillers" I have plenty to do with the above listed things.

Once I have all these things back into alignment I will be back to being happier and maybe then I can focus on something new. Or maybe, just maybe - actually doing the things that I should be doing for myself and to be a good housewife and mother will be enough. It seems quite possible it will be.

But I still  have not heard about the booth I applied to have at the Holiday Market - so if I get that I will have to be working on that too :)

How do you guys decide what you are "doing with your life"? Are you happy with what you are doing? Or mad at yourself for what you are not doing?

Anyone else feel that this is really the better time of year for a little refocus than cold dreary January?

Whether you have it all figured out or are feeling a little lost like me, I hope you are having some fun and fulfillment with that you are doing today.

Peace Out - C


  1. Thanks for linking me to your summary, I like how SSS has fitted into lessons for you rlife in general, really interesting. Many thanks for taking part! xxx

  2. Yo Zoe - just saw your comment. I am not all together with it all of the time. But thanks! It really was a great project.