Monday, October 4, 2010

Liberty of London - hand delivered!

I was supposed to go walking with a friend this morning, but she just called me to say she can't make it. Her daughter was screeching in the background and apparently they are having trouble getting her off to pre-school these days (I hope it gets better!). I have been through phases where my child is doing something difficult and I know it is no fun. My heart goes out to her, being a mom is the toughest job!

So now I have time to write this and will try to make myself go for a walk by myself after, I will have my ipod to keep me company. Ohhh maybe I will even down load some pod casts or something new. RABBIT HOLE alert!

Corsica - an island near France and Italy
Back to the task at hand. My adorable husband was on a week long trip to Corsica for work and no I did not go. I never go with him on his travels. Having to do things on my own while he works just does not sound fun. Why does everyone always ask me if I go? Am I missing out on some way to make it fun to go? Maybe I am and now that M has proven to me she is a great traveler I am beginning to re-think my stance on this. Ok today is rabbit hole day.

On his way back from Corsica he got stuck with an over-night layover in London. When he was planning this trip I said "well if you only have one night in London you should stay by Liberty of London so you can get me some fabric". And would you believe that is what he did.

Of course travel being a pain these days, he was late getting into London and it was raining. But he made it to Liberty (dripping wet & suitcase in tow) with 15 minutes until closing. He had pics of the fabrics I had pre-approved on his phone and the sales girl helped him find some of it. She thought it was a sweet story and wanted to know what I was sewing.

He got home safely yesterday with my new Liberty of London fabrics!

The bag was smooshed put the paper was intact, it looks like a posh gift, right!

When I opened it I discovered these two lovely prints. The one at the back is a deep blue with a tiny white leafy print. And the front one is clearly very lovely peacock feathers. And he got 2 meters of each! I am so happy these are the ones I ended up with. I am still very into navy blue these days. And they are another great addition to my Platinum Seamstress Challenge!

I do have some things in mind, but have several thing I have to get done ahead of these and I do want to live with the fabric for a little while before I cut it Any suggestion? What would you make?

Well I guess I am off to get a little exercise in before a day of errands and hopefully at least a little bit if sewing.

Peace out! C

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